Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tank Farms, Oil Wells, Flares, and Pumps in our Area as Seen from Space

Courtesy of Pam Taylor:
The Google Earth shots for Witt Farm and the McMunn tank farm and Class II injection well off of Carleton Hwy. and U.S. 223 in Palmyra haven't been updated since 2010, so I didn't include them. The Tipton Rd. tank farm has no flare or injection well or processing facility attached. 
Goetz tank farm and processing plant, Shepherd Rd. just east of Pentecost. Google Earth photo from 6.2.13. This is the largest and oldest facility in the area. This is where the newest Class II injection well is being drilled, although the rig wasn't set up yet in early June when this was taken. If you look closely at the lower left of the picture, at the pipeline that runs diagonally just above the top left edge of the tree line, you can just barely see the flame of the flare that burns 24/7 and you can see the pipelines running from the tanks to the stack. Supposedly, they will be shipping the gas via pipeline and they'll stop burning off the gas at some point in the future.

Below is the Ruesink tank farm, processing plant, and Class II injection well on Knight Hwy. Google Earth photo taken on 6.2.13 You can see the open waste/mud pit quite well in this photo.


  1. Where's the open waste/mud pit in the Ruesink tank farm photo?

  2. Quite visible all the way at the bottom of the picture - or how would you call this?