Friday, June 28, 2013

Carson Highway - Williamsburg Drive Update

Horizontal drilling continues off of Carson Highway and Williamsburg Drive right behind a residential area.
The amount of pre-drilling site preparation and pipe laying indicates that Savoy expects to tap into some major deposits...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Armed with the Facts: Natural Gas and Air Pollution

Same thing also in the flares and just leaking from the drill sites of oil drilling and processing sites!

Armed with the Facts: Natural Gas and Air Pollution: A fact sheet on the air pollution generated from natural gas development.

Construction on Witt Farm - Open Flare on Purse Funeral Home

 Pipeline drilling rig on Witt Farm - more of Witt Farm for sale 

Pipeline drilling rig and oil pump on Witt Farm

Preparations of the separators to accommodate for more oil wells

Looks like there are 5 separators now

Flare next to the Funeral Home

Closeup of the Flare from Howell Highway shows soot and smoke

Flare from Howell Highway shows soot and smoke

And from a little further against darker background

You may also want to read the next post that will tell you more about the nasty stuff that is in flares!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oil Pump in Heritage Park - Pipeline Drill on the Purse Property

Now we have a oil pump going at Heritage Park.

Meanwhile there is some more drilling going on on the Purse Funeral Home well site but it looks like a pipeline drilling to pump the black gold to the Witt Farm processing facility.

Massive dust clouds on Witt Farm indicated the extension of the current facility to process all the new wells that were added lately. My guess is that the oil from between 4 and 8 wells will soon flow there - and also all the flare gases will be burned off hidden in that barrel. "What you can't see is not there"...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Purse Funeral Home Drill Site Done - Drilling Rig Moved to Carson Highway Site

I was gone a few days - and was proven wrong about only pipeline digging activities off Carson Highway. Savoy cuts drilling costs by operating just one horizontal drilling rig - and shifting them from one site to the next. The rig that was first at Stratton's Landscaping was moved to Purse, and is now situated off Carson, where it will continuously drill 24/7 for probably another 10 to 14 days. Neighbors complained to me about extreme 24/7 noise and odor pollution. Unfortunately, it is not just bad smell but there are a lot of poisonous and cancerous substances in those fumes - and this well looks really close to some residences - less than the 300 feet they suppose to stay away...

Drilling Rig off Carson at about 9:00 pm (6/17/2013)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Michigan DEQ Oil Well Permit Applications June 3 - June 10, 2013

The newest DEQ list of recent drilling applications has Savoy applying for 8 new wells around Adrian. Check it out: Weekly Oil & Gas Permit List

Drilling Rig Disappeared from Heritage Park

24 hours later - the horizontal drilling rig disappeared from Heritage Park. Note the tarp-covered structure behind the "Christmas tree". Seems to me that they drilled horizontally to connect the Heritage Park pipeline to somewhere else. Maybe the site on Carson Highway?

Heritage Park Well Site 6/13/2013 6:20 pm

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Drilling in Heritage Park for the 3rd Time - Lot of Activities off Carson Highway

What a shock to see a derrick going up in Heritage Park at the same drill site for the 3rd time - after Savoy meticulously cleaned up the site for production? What changed their mind?

At the same time a lot of drilling and leveling goes up off Carson Highway. It is not looking like a oil drilling rig - and there is a lot of grading and digging going on as well. Only thing I can think of is - another pipeline to Witt Farm?

Maybe the two things are connected? To make good use of the now purchased Witt Farm property Savoy consolidates processing and transportation their?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Toledo Tar Sands Opponents Will Conduct ‘People’s Hearing’ To Counter Ohio EPA Permit for BP Refinery Expansion



Keith Sadler, Toledo Coalition for Safe Energy, (419) 345-6937
Kristina Moazed, Chair, Western Lake Erie Sierra Club, 419-297-7668
Terry Lodge, TCSE, (419) 829-9905

Toledo Tar Sands Opponents Will Conduct ‘People’s Hearing’
To Counter Ohio EPA Permit for BP Refinery Expansion

Opponents frustrated with the proposed refining of Canadian tar sands at the BP Husky petroleum refinery in Oregon, Ohio will convene a “people’s hearing” to protest a scheduled Ohio Environmental Protection Agency public hearing, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at Lake Erie Center, 6200 Bayshore Drive, Oregon, Ohio. The OEPA hearing begins at 6:30.

The Ohio EPA is considering issuance of a federal Clean Air Act permit for a $2.5 billion array of modifications to the refinery’s operations, which will enable the plant to create fuel from bitumen, which is gleaned from oil-bearing sands in the forests of northern Alberta, Canada.

The opponents, who call themselves the Toledo Coalition for Safe Energy, include members of the Western Lake Erie Sierra Club, Occupy Toledo, the Native American Idle No More movement, Toledo Green Party and various citizens and activists. They oppose the air permit for serious public health, environmental and process reasons, and share the view that the public is allowed only a shallow role in the ultimate decision. Convinced that the damaging negative aspects of the project are not being considered, they will present a more accurate framing of the project on the public sidewalk.

“Our people's hearing on tar sands refining is not limited to narrow, technical matters. There are unconsidered major issues of energy policy. BP wants to re-tool their refining to process tar sands, the dirtiest oil on the planet, the bottom of the barrel,” said Dan Rutt of Occupy Toledo. “Three years ago, BP caused the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history in the Gulf of Mexico - a series of criminal acts. Now, they want us to entrust Mother Earth to them, again.”

“When I read the obscure OEPA notice of their hearing, what struck me is that the words ‘tar sands’ appear nowhere,” observed Valerie Crow, Native American journalist, of the growing First Nations Idle No More movement which began in Canada. “How is the public even notified of the chance to express their opinions? But for the acts of a small but dedicated band of concerned citizens demonstrating at various BP gas stations throughout the area, no one would know what’s really at stake. Tar sands mining in Alberta violates First Nations treaties, destroys communities, pollutes water and air and is causing many cancers and other diseases to the people living nearby and downstream.”

Kristina Moazed, Chair of the Western Lake Erie Sierra Club, noted that “An area of Alberta as large as Florida is becoming a permanent wasteland that will support no life just so we can persist in the fantasy of cheap natural resources without paying the true price. We are desperately raping the Earth for ‘extreme energy,’ the last of the carbon fuel reserves. Future life on earth depends on our resistance.”

Sean Nestor, Green Party candidate for Toledo City Council, pointed out that “The permit papers and public statements by BP and OEPA suggest collusion, extending back over a decade, that the proposed project was broken up into pieces to avoid triggering of Clean Air Act regulations, which would then require measures to reduce poisonous air quality. Had these multiple modifications been packaged under one permit as federal and Ohio law require, widespread pollution of East Toledo and Oregon from tar sands might be reduced. Unless the public weighs in, global warming and human suffering from burning fossil fuels cannot be ended.”

Protect Ohio Families from Tar Sands Refinery Expansion

Families in Toledo, Ohio, need your help.

BP is seeking approval of a $2.5 billion refinery expansion in Toledo in order to process tar sands crude oil from Canada.

Right now, we have the opportunity to challenge this expansion and we need you to send a comment to the Toledo EPA today. Comment close June 10, 2013.

Please send an email to Peter Park, Toledo Department of Environmental Services, through this web site:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Information about Savoy Energy LP

I finally localized a little bit more information about our local oil developer Savoy.
The interesting WikiMarcellus Site lists the following (
Savoy Energy LP
Here is where some info about Savoy Energy LP
should go. This article is still a stub and needs your attention. It does
not have a template and contains minimal information. Please dive
in and help it grow!

Traverse City, Michigan-based Savoy Energy LP is an oil and gas exploration company that has drilled almost 300 wells since it was formed in 1989. It focuses primarily on the State of Michigan, but has also branched out to Oklahoma.

A news account in March, 2011 identified the Adrian Field in formerly non-producing Lenawee County, located in the southeast of Michigan's Lower Peninsula as one of Savoy's areas of operations. A #1-16 Ruesink well there flowed 250 bbl of 39 gravity oil and 95 Mcf of natural gas from a perforated interval between 3,722 ro 3,734 feet deep after being treated with acid. The pay interval was said to extend from close to the top of the Trenton at 3,238 feet to the base of the perforated interval in Black-River at 3,734 feet. The bottom-hole pressure was 1,538 psi.

Six additional wells in the field, #4-8 Ruesink, #2-16 Ruesink, #5-8 Ruesink, #1-17 Buehrer, #2-8 Goetz, and #3-8A Goetz, were collectively producing 1,000 bbl/d.
Tom Pangborn is Savoy's Chairman and CEO,
Bill Sperry is the company's President and General Counsel.
Cheryl DeYoung is Secretary, Treasurer., and Manager of Accounting.
Jack Rokos is Operations Manager.
Mike Flynn is Land Managefr.

Then on I found a short profile with the actual but very cryptic website of Savoy at:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Drilling on Stratton's Landscaping Done - Derrick Moved Next to Purse Funeral Home

After about 2 weeks of drilling on the property of Stratton Landscaping between Heritage Park and M52, the specialized derrick for horizontal drilling was disassembled on Monday, and just moved across Beaver Creek Howell Highway to the property of Purse Funeral Home, where a "christmas tree" capped the bore hole from a previous - supposably unsuccessful conventional drill.

Drilling Derrick on Stratton's last Saturday (June 1).

Intensive grading to prepare for more drilling also on Saturday, June 1 on the Purse Funeral Home Site. Note the "christmas tree" capping the old bore hole.

Yesterday morning, the special derrick for horizontal drilling was swiftly moved just across Beaver Creek and Howell Highway to the new drill site at the Purse Funeral Home.

The derrick arrived on the Purse Site on Tuesday, June 4th 10:27 EDT.

And was setup within a couple of hours. The first two pictures are from around 11:30 am, just an hour after the last 2 pictures.

And was soon erected.

At 4:30 pm yesterday, the derrick looked almost functional..

An hour later (6/4/2013 at 5:22 pm).

And today (6/5/2013) at 10:50 am.