Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How animal waste from factory farms contaminates Lake Erie

Pam Taylor from The Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan (ECCSCM) http://nocafos.org was interviewed by Michigan Radio, our state NPR station. Find the story with a live Podcast here:


Taylor was also featured in Jack Lessenberry's latest column in Michigan's "Metro Times":

Tomorrow, she is scheduled to receive this year's Petoskey Prize for Environmental Leadership, presented by the Michigan Environmental Council:

Press release:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vote Informed: Environmental Score Cards for our Candidates

I hope you will all go to vote - and select your candidates mainly according to how important the environment is to these candidates. Without a healthy environment all other issues become secondary!





  • Bronna Kahle did not answer an environmental questionnaire that was sent to her from the Sierra Club of Michigan - you can guess why...
  • Harvey Schmidt did return his questionnaire but its content is at the moment confidential.

Monday, July 11, 2016

We won a monumental and historic victory for the climate and for anti-fracking communities all over this country

We won a monumental and historic victory for the climate and for anti-fracking communities all over this country.

At the DNC platform hearings, Josh Fox, Bill McKibben, Ben Jealous, Dr. Cornell West, Jane Kleeb, Deborah Parker and the Sanders Delegation negotiated for a sea change in the policy of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic National Committee adopted strong language opposing fracked gas power plants, advocating for carbon and methane pricing, adopting a standard for all federal energy projects that they would not harm the climate, and committed to involving communities, people of color and native tribes in all future energy planning. Wow.

The amendment says the Democrats:

-Support a price on carbon AND methane

-Support high labor standards in the development of renewable energy

-Will fight to change the clean power plan to incentivize renewable energy over fracked gas.

-Any new infrastructure, like pipelines, must pass the climate test and take into consideration landowners, communities of color and tribal nations.

Announcing the unity amendment Josh said “This is what happens when you organize. This is what happens when you never say die.”

Our movement has forced establishment Democrats to come to the table. Our movement has forced establishment Democrats to take the science on climate change seriously, not just pat themselves on the back for being better than the Republicans on climate change.

But as Dr. Cornell West said during the announcement of the unity amendment “We’ve got to keep the focus on the gap between declaration and execution.”

Our movement will be required to hold them accountable.

We must be the ones who organize against every fracked gas power plant and pipeline. We must be the be the ones who organize against offshore drilling. We must be the be the ones who organize against the development of fossil fuels on public lands.

These projects fail the climate test and together we can stop them and build something better.

Check out the video of this historic moment and catch Josh Fox tomorrow on Democracy Now!