Sunday, February 24, 2013

Central Processing Facility (Tank Farm) on Witt Farm

The tank farm and well on Witt Farm are PRODUCING! The separators are humming and a flare is burning hidden in the new low standing burn-off tank - you can see the heat in the video.

The producing well

 The roaring separator where brine, gas and oil are separated by heat 

The gas is not harvested but flared gasing off dangerous gases and combustion products hidden in a open roof tank.


  Storage tanks surrounded by earth walls and lined with plastic to catch oil spills.
The 2nd row shows the truck loading station.

                                             Open Pit full with? - Storage tanks in background                                                                       

The surface of the facility is leveled with ground walls keeping surface runoff from M52 but directing runoff directly into the nationally registered wetland on site!!!
Besides - the soild is highly draining thus not keeping eventual spills to the surface!


  1. Thank you for your updates on this serious situation.

  2. This is so sad to see what is happening to our state. Thanks for helping to publicize it.