Saturday, April 19, 2014

Air Pollution and Odor Nuisance Continues

How could I believe that Savoy would be done polluting our air when they finally started marketing natural gas from the 7 wells attached to Witt Farm? I received notice of one massive incidence of gas odor and personally reported two other incidents yesterday (April 18) and the day before yesterday (April 17). Kristie Shimko (DEQ) looked into the causes for the April 17 complaint and reported that Savoy is redrilling the Witt Farm well and diverted the  natural gas to the flare. Yesterday (April 18) Savoy reported to have problems with their equipment. The flare did not seem to burn but the odor on Howell Hwy was horrible. Seems that lots of gas escaped their permitted dehydrator and compressor - and I guess that is OK...
Not really - but I wonder how much negligence has to be proven to an almighty energy company for the state to be able to fine them for their wrong-doing. My gut feeling is that the DEQ cannot do anything about it - Savoy could report to have problems forever and get away with it. This is absurd and unknown in most parts of the civilized world but not here in the State of Michigan, and The Land of the Free that should rather be called The Land of the free Corporations.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Flare Seems to be Mostly Down

According to the Daily Telegram (March 25, 2014), Savoy began piping the previously flared gas to an oil-processing facility in Adrian Township  from March 14 on. This is good news and long time passed due. Slowly becoming cynical, my explanation is that this winter brought up gas prices and now it is finally "financially doable" for Savoy to do the long-time over-due right thing. However, I always find a "hair in the soup" of a seeingly just good thing. Savoy is presently using a compressor and dehydrator that does not require a DEQ Air Unit permit despite the fact that it constantly emits benzene and other VOCs - this time unburned and thus in full potency - but admittedly, in much less concentration than from the flare under bad conditions. The DEQ Air Quality Division, Jackson District is currently working on a permit that will allow Savoy to use a more powerful dehydrator that will require a permit currently under consideration. Scott Miller from the DEQ told me that Savoy also plans to install a condenser, which would reduce (hopefully) emissions. I attach a image of the PDF I received from Scott below.