Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tomorrow, 14-Apr, The 11th Environmental Documentary Series will show two free short documentaries and the filmmakers and/or directors will join us for Q&A:

Tomorrow, 14-Apr, The 11th Environmental Documentary Series will show two free short documentaries and the filmmakers and/or directors will join us for Q&APeace with Nature and Solar For All, together 75 minutes.

About the films:

  • Peace with Nature: Oak Alley’s documentary tells of the story of the restoration of Costa’s Rica’s rainforests from a low of 21% forest cover in the 1980s back to 52% cover in 2010. Costa Rica is also implementing policies to protect its biodiversity and become a carbon neutral economy.

    Peace with Nature in Costa Rica from Oak Alley Productions on Vimeo.

  • Solar For All: Solar for All celebrates the successes and documents the challenges of the first two years of implementing Solar For All, Mayor Muriel Bowser's initiative to provide 100,000 low-to-moderate income families with the benefits of locally generated clean energy. One of the most progressive solar mandates in the U.S., #DCSolarStories exhibits how the District is using innovation and the concept of equity or "equal access" to local, clean energy to slash resident's utility burdens and protect underserved communities in the face of the changing climate.

    Solar For All from Pendragwn Productions on Vimeo.

The films is available for free on Vimeo: Peace with Nature and Solar For All. We will connect at 6:30 PM via Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83391076365?pwd=djZQa3hvQklncDlTdTdjbnBPdDcxdz09) and everybody will start the films soon after. After the films we will hold a discussion with the filmmakers on Zoom.

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