Tuesday, December 30, 2014

World-Wide Flight Traffic and Global Climate Change

Globally, about 8.3 million people fly daily (3 billion occupied seats per year), twice the total in 1999.  U.S. airlines alone burned about 16.2 billion gallons of fuel during the twelve months between October 2013 and September 2014. (Wikipedia)

Source: openi.nlm.nih.gov

World-wide now, December 30 2014 11:35 ET

AirTraffic Worldwide over 24h

US air traffic, now December 30 2014, 11:35 ET

 A Day in the Life of Air Traffic Over the United States

Even centered on Adrian, there are about 120 commercial air craft in the air at every given moment during the day!

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Reality of Having a 30-inch Pipeline Construction Site in your Backyard

An environmentally concerned citizen of Oceola Township sent me some videos that he shot while having a large pipeline construction in his backyard. These videos give a good idea what everybody whose property is located along the ET Rover track can expect when their land is taken away from them by "eminent domain".

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Pipeline between the Central processing Facility on Witt Farm and Various Wells on Frye Farm

For more than 2 weeks horizontal drilling under M52 and under Beaver Creek goes on to connect the central processing facility on Witt Farm with several wells on Frye Farm West of the Kiwanis Trail. As the central processing plant is only permitted for 10 wells and there were already 9 wells hooked up through the 3 present pipelines it is doubtful that all this is done to just add a single well on the old Frye Farm land. I will forward this question to Kristie Shimko.

News from Kristie Shimko - DEQ:  "Savoy Energy has bored a 6-inch poly disposal line under road and creek crossings between the Adrian 25 Facility (Witt Farm) to the Warner 22 Facility (off Tipton Hwy, North of Hunt Road).  This is an upgrade from their existing 3-inch poly disposal line. This is for salt water/brine disposal only."

Another Wave of Mass Postings to FERC Through Unions in WV, OH and PA

On December 5th, I reported about the abuse of the FERC e-filing system by people filing from WV. It turns out that the local unions in these economically depressed regions handed out sheets and asked the meeting attendees to write down what positive effects they anticipate (or rather hope and pray for) of the pipeline for their local economies. What is wrong with this? Several things, first of all wishful thinking is not reality - it is highly immoral of unions to misinform their members about the real number of jobs created and the real benefits for the local economy. Second, all of the arguments are purely economical arguments and have nothing to do with the environmental impact of the pipeline - which is the only concern of FERC in this process. Finally, as the pipeline will not run through West-Virginia, residents of WV should not have a say about it at all. In addition, flooding the system with these generic "prayer-sheets" is annoying for everybody, who subscribed the ET Rover process and waters down the legitimate input of farmers and residents, as well as townships and counties objecting the pipeline due to its environmental impact! I finally had to unsubscribe as the same union repeated its bad practice this evening again. Latest news - now also unions from Ohio started these mass postings. I attach a few examples with names and addresses removed below. There are literally hundreds of such postings there now - NONE say anything about the environment!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sad News: Theo Colborn passed away, 1927-2014

One of my modern day heroes, who was both an outstanding scientist and a tireless activist passed away yesterday. Read a short obituary here - with links to more info on "The Rachel Carson of the 80s and 90s", and her fight against endocrine disruptors, chemicals used in oil and gas drilling, and pesticides.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Complaint addressed to FERC about Generic Mass Comments submitted to FERC PF14-14-000

To whom it may concern,
I am just wondering what the flood of scanned comments of supporters of the project from WV has to do with FERC's approval process.
The pipeline does not travel through WV - therefore these people should not have a say on its approval.
In addition, all of these comments are written very carelessly and are very brief - 3 lines at the most - not even full sentences.
None of the comments mentions a single environmental aspect - it is all is about the supposed benefits for the economy.
I thought this process is about the environmental impact of the project - not about the promised and highly disputable impact on local economies!
It seems to me that somebody thinks if they gather 100 of these generic support letters they can counter objective scientific analyses of the environmental impact of the project, like the one I submitted, which cites 36 recent scientific research publications - or statements from entire townships in Ohio and Michigan opposing the pipeline.
If that is correct, the FERC process is a big farce and serves nothing else than pretending that the environmental impact of the project is seriously investigated!
A copy of this comment is published on my blog: adrianoil.blogspot.com
Thomas Wassmer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Siena Heights University

From: 'FERC eSubscription' [eSubscription@ferc.gov]
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2014 7:25 PM
Subject: Comment on Filing submitted in FERC PF14-14-000 by INDIVIDUAL
On 12/4/2014, the following Filing was submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Washington D.C.:

Docket(s): PF14-14-000
Lead Applicant: Rover Pipeline LLC
Filing Type: Comment on Filing
Description: Comments of Christopher D. Strait re the ET Rover Pipeline under PF14-14.
To view the document for this Filing, click here

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