Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tomorrow's Films - Environmental Documentary Series - Free Exclusive Screening & Filmmaker from India will attend

Tomorrow, 21-Apr, The 11th Environmental Documentary Series will show the free documentary Ever Slow Green: https://www.brainfever.in/ever-slow-green/ whose filmmaker will join us life from India for Q&A and 3 short Youtube videos on The Green New Deal: https://berniesanders.com/issues/green-new-deal/ accessible through a playlist together all 4 videos last about 80 minutes.

About the films:

  • EVER SLOW GREEN: 50 years ago, a unique afforestation project took root on an eroded desert plateau in Tamil Nadu, South India, when people from diverse countries came together to establish the international experimental township of Auroville. Initially driven by the necessity to make the harsh conditions more liveable, the idealism of some early residents lead them to develop expertise in cultivating the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest, a rare forest type native to the coastal belt of Tamil Nadu. Today, the lush Auroville forest is an outstanding example of eco-restoration that recreates and preserves a type of tropical forest that is on the verge of extinction. The filmmaker granted us exclusive free access through https://vimeo.com/407553297 , password will be provided via Zoom before the session
  • The Green New Deal: Transform our energy system to 100 percent renewable energy and create 20 million jobs needed to solve the climate crisis. Ensure a just transition for communities and workers, including fossil fuel workers. Ensure justice for frontline communities, especially under-resourced groups, communities of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children and the elderly. Save American families money with investments in weatherization, public transportation, modern infrastructure and high-speed broadband. Commit to reducing emissions throughout the world, including providing $200 billion to the Green Climate Fund, rejoining the Paris Agreement, and reasserting the United States’ leadership in the global fight against climate change. Invest in conservation and public lands to heal our soils, forests, and prairie lands. End the greed of the fossil fuel industry and hold them accountable. Playlist on Youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcSYAU1r19GS-2lK7di-NWlYjtDiNcL-r

We will connect at 6:30 PM via Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83391076365?pwd=djZQa3hvQklncDlTdTdjbnBPdDcxdz09) and everybody will start the films soon after. After the films we will hold a discussion with the filmmaker on Zoom.

Full Program: Environmental Documentaries - SHU Sustainability

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