Saturday, June 8, 2013

Information about Savoy Energy LP

I finally localized a little bit more information about our local oil developer Savoy.
The interesting WikiMarcellus Site lists the following (
Savoy Energy LP
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Traverse City, Michigan-based Savoy Energy LP is an oil and gas exploration company that has drilled almost 300 wells since it was formed in 1989. It focuses primarily on the State of Michigan, but has also branched out to Oklahoma.

A news account in March, 2011 identified the Adrian Field in formerly non-producing Lenawee County, located in the southeast of Michigan's Lower Peninsula as one of Savoy's areas of operations. A #1-16 Ruesink well there flowed 250 bbl of 39 gravity oil and 95 Mcf of natural gas from a perforated interval between 3,722 ro 3,734 feet deep after being treated with acid. The pay interval was said to extend from close to the top of the Trenton at 3,238 feet to the base of the perforated interval in Black-River at 3,734 feet. The bottom-hole pressure was 1,538 psi.

Six additional wells in the field, #4-8 Ruesink, #2-16 Ruesink, #5-8 Ruesink, #1-17 Buehrer, #2-8 Goetz, and #3-8A Goetz, were collectively producing 1,000 bbl/d.
Tom Pangborn is Savoy's Chairman and CEO,
Bill Sperry is the company's President and General Counsel.
Cheryl DeYoung is Secretary, Treasurer., and Manager of Accounting.
Jack Rokos is Operations Manager.
Mike Flynn is Land Managefr.

Then on I found a short profile with the actual but very cryptic website of Savoy at:


  1. They are now testing near my home in Leoni township. U have not agreed or signed a lease with them and am concerned as they are testing in wetland areas backing up to my property.

  2. I am concerned that the Ruesink's and the Goetz's are both farming families; the Ruesink's having been formerly organic. I'm not sure whether this is on the Goetz's land that they are farming but believe that it is on the land that Needle Lane CSA is farming. What is oil production on their land doing to the local food supply?

    1. Dear Anonymous: Neither the Ruesinks, Goetzs or Durbins are concerned about what the Oil Companies have done to the land. The Ruesinks and Durbins are even less concerned about what crimes they've committed to push rightful owners off their land. The MacArthur-Ruesink Trust encompasses the 205 acres on the NE Corner of Knight and Emery Roads and prohibits the raping of the asset but thaT IS JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Allison MacArthur-Ruesink

    2. Bitter much Allison?

    3. ANON-------------- Do you know Allison? It's bad enough you hide behind a mask on other comments, but a different situation when you get personal.

      John Kuschell

  3. I never hide behind my comments. It's very personal when government and corporate thieves steal a half million$ in private property. Signed contracts are worthless in Lenawee County, as is State Law regarding Marriage Contributions and the abandonment of property by my former spouse. No small wonder that Michigan has recieved an F! Grade for Ethics and Transparency. Lenawee County has loong history of shadey legal doings, hence the nickname "Anyway County". Allison MacArthur-Ruesink

  4. How does a property owner get information? I have several wells being installed around me, on the boarder of Adrian Twp and Raisin Twp, but have never been contacted by the company with regards to my rights.

    1. I am not sure what legal or moral rights I have either. Also, there are several oil well's in my area of Raisin Twp