Sunday, August 4, 2013

Enbridge Tries to Bypass Keystone XL in Our Area (Livingston County)

Another Major Tar Sands Pipeline Seeking U.S. Permit

Canadian energy giant Enbridge is quietly building a 5,000-mile network of new and expanded pipelines that would achieve the same goal as the Keystone

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Having so many pipelines and so much construction going on in our region costs us and the environment:

Enbridge damage: Utility, road fixes could hit $1 million

Road and utility damage in Howell Township believed to have been caused by Enbridge Energy LP could reach $1 million, Mike Craine, Livingston County Road Commission managing director, said last week.
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Enbridge cited for discharge in Hartland

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The spill was caught on this Youtube video:

Such massive misconduct brought tar sand pipeline watchdogs on the plan. MICATS (Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands, arranged a non-violent direct action including a sit-in of some activist tied to the machinery. Livingston Daily reported about this:

12 arrested at Enbridge protest

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Read also a commentary by Mickey Hirten today: Enbridge Energy has a credibility problem

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