Thursday, May 23, 2013

Heritage Park Pipeline Almost Done

Horizontal drilling down the floodplain and crossing Beaver Creek from the farmland West of Howell Highway.

The following pictures from the Michigan Mears Group Inc. illustrate how they drilled down in an angle and repositioned the flexible drill to come out almost at the target site in Heritage Park, marked with the red plastic fences.

Then they widen the bore hole and pull the welded pipes in.

Good thing in a lot of bad things: they did not need to bulldoze the woods to clear a passage from the disc golf area to the creek.

After yesterday's events, the road is blocked off slightly more professional, the work area, however, was not marked at all - until the actual exit point of the drills. We stayed far away on the driveway to the model plane club. I used my zoom to get a shot of the red fenced-in structure. All but 2 tubes were gone - must have been pulled into the bore hole one by one - this means the pipeline is probably functional by the end of the week.

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