Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lenawee Indivisible rallies for unity, answers - News - The Daily Telegram - Adrian, MI - Adrian, MI



    You guys should give attention to Hillsdale County. Gary Wolfram is a Rover Pipeline LOBBYIST. He's been to Lenawee County MANY times lobbying for it and you notice, he didn't have the pipeline go through HIS county, did he.

    He's lobbied ALL OVER Michigan for the project, because he's a lobbyist for the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum in Ann Arbor.
    "I do consulting work for the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum in Ann Arbor", but see how he works for a public utility?

    You guys would be a WELCOME SIGHT in Hillsdale County, the best thing that's happened to us in a long time was when you guys shocked poor Tim Walberg by showing up in his "republican stronghold" of Hillsdale County!

    Hillsdale College's Larry Arnn calls the shots around here, it's a mess because of it

    Get a free subscription to Imprimis. that college sends out 3.6 MILLION of those for free every month, it's the biggest secret on the conservative agenda, it's nothing but political, and done from a non profit church college, which is illegal by IRS rules, no political stuff in religoious non profits.

    But he gets away with it somehow!

    Over here? We stand up and TELL them they're breaking the law and they ignore us! There's ZERO democrats here, all republicans, no democrats even run for office here:

    Please come to our county's meetings as often as possible! It's needed!