Friday, January 18, 2019

Reverse Osmosis - Affordable Solution for Adrian's Water Issues

The current water situation should be another reason for restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other food related businesses and affluent residents to invest in an under the sink Revers Osmosis System. It also provides peace of mind about hexavalent chromium, lead, chlorine and chlorine organics products in chlorinated water, and many other pollutants that could occur.
RO systems can be purchased from many places at bargain rates of $100 to everyday rates of $250. Filters need to be replaced every year for about $60. Compare this to the price for 1 year of unregulated bottle water producing plastic waste polluting the environment.. No brainier and no excuses!

The link below supports RO as a solution during the Toledo water crisis:

A good source for an RO system is:

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