Global (Climate) Change

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  1. Has the EPA studied the content of the emissions expelled from the flares and the effect they have on climate change?

    Sister Annette M. Sinagra, OP
    Adrian Dominicans Sisters
    1257 East Siena Hts. Dr.
    Adrian, MI 49221-1793

    1. Hi Sister Annette,

      Please forgive me the long delay in answering. The EPA itself did to my knowledge not study flares very well but invited input on this issue in preparation of changing or amending a regulatory process. Many groups presented data that I can forward to you upon request. To my knowledge no precautious steps and by that prudent steps were taken.

      Flare gases definitely have an impact on climate change due to their methane content but also other, less studied compounds. Unfortunately, we cannot expect too much from the EPA. They are understaffed and underfunded, and are often pulled back from superior levels in the administration - and the industry and their lobbyists are not allowing them to do their job properly - the same is true for the Michigan DEQ.

      Best, Tom

  2. I also wonder if the EPA have studied the emissions from the flares. I sent a complaint to the EPA about the flares, and they did return my call. Moreover, I have not received any comment on the complaint, and this has been several weeks now.

    James Hannah