Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pipeline Trench Dug Out Drilling Under Howell Highway - Open Pit in Heritage Park Burried

Trench for pipeline dug out and pipeline laid at least 3 feet under ground starting East of Howell Highway.


 Drilling underneath Howell Highway from the West

Meantime - surprise in Heritage Park - the new deeper pit that most of the drilling mud of the 1st pit was transferred in was dug under - out of sight not there anymore? What about groundwater safety???

Pipes prepared and welded to be dug in in the coming days.

Final path of the pipeline now laid out: From the disc golf field into the woods, passing the county drain just by about a foot, leaving Heritage Park into private property, continuing straight across (under) Beaver Creek, and straight up the floodplain bluff to the farmland West of Howell Hwy.

The tank / well farm (central processing facility) is ready to take on at least the two new wells from Heritage (see the 4 separators). The hidden flare will soon burn off twice as much toxic and cancerous gases.

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