Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pipeline Connected to Well Head in Heritage Park, Pipes all Under Ground Until Floodplain

The pipeline is now connected to the well head.

And all buried 4 feet under ground.

The pipes lying ready to be buried down at the floodplain are now also welded to the pipes coming down from the wells. Ground water level is still very high. Do they need to wait until the ground water retreats to bury the pipeline into the flood plain?

The long diagonal until the forest line shows a stack of 15 pipes. The 10 lower level pipes are most probable the ones to continue through the woods to Beaver Creek, and go under the creek bed - maybe even up the bluff to connect to the end of the buried pipes on the uplevel fields.

 This picture reveals the purpose of the black PE pipe. This is a gas pipe to transport the flare gases and vapors to the Witt Farm flare that will at least double by this. A shame that Savoy still does not collect, store and market these gases - but instead burns them off producing poisonous and cancerous gases and vapors.

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