Sunday, November 3, 2013

It does not exist if you cannot see it????

Despite not burning in the open but being hidden in a empty oil tank - the Witt Farm flare is real and much larger than it was in the beginning when only one well was hooked up. Flares are known to contain poisonous and cancerous VOCs in addition to natural gas. In contrary to the Michigan DEQ's promises to force oil companies to capture and market the natural gas, Savoy Energy is still burning it off - more than 8 months after starting doing so on Witt Farm. This is not only wasteful but irresponsible. As the local and state authorities are obviously not doing their job, I am currently in the process to organize a citizen-run air monitoring near the site.

Hidden Flare 2/24/2013 fed by a single well on Witt Farm

Youtube Video of that Flare

Flare on 5/26/2013 fed by 3 wells 

Flare on 8/1/2013 fed by 4-5 wells

And as of today probably by as many as 6-8 wells. Due to the increased perimeter of the "no trespassing" zone around Witt Farm, I cannot post new pictures of the surely much increased flare.

The increased flares will add up to a substantial load of unhealthy chemicals at least in a radius of up to 1 mile. Below are some links to related publications that might be of interest. The majority of materials are from "fracking" operations. Please note that the major difference is that in "fracking" operations much more water is pumped down - and more chemical additives are used, which increases the real danger of water pollution. The risk potential for air pollution, in contrary, as well as escaping gases and volatiles, and pollutants in flares from unconventional oil extraction are comparable to those reported from "fracking operations".

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